XCharge® Payment Processing

Why XCharge?

XCharge delivers technology and security like no other!
XCharge payment processing provides you with fast, reliable and secure payment processing. XCharge is recognized on Visa’s List of Validated Payment Applications and has been assessed for compliance with the Payment Applications Best Practices, known as PABP. XCharge gives you peace of mind knowing that your software is always current with technology and Payment Card Industry compliance regulations.

Money Saving Benefits

  • Required transaction information is transmitted to the card-processing network. This guarantees you the lowest possible discount rate.
  • Process via your existing high-speed internet connection. If processing over a phone line, only one line is used for multiple stations. This saves from the expense of multiple phone line installations and monthly phone line usage costs.
  • Avoid complicated programming, updating or replacement of stand-alone payment terminals.
  • Historical transactions are easily accessible through the built-in lookup feature. This helps you refute chargebacks by allowing you to quickly reference the original receipt.
  • Increase your productivity and save time with 1-5 second authorizations.

Unique Features

  • Streamlined settlements are simplified through the XCharge "Time Initiated" feature. XCharge payment processing software will automatically settle an existing batch of transactions at a pre-determined time without any user intervention. XCharge is a host-based application, meaning transactions are stored at the processor and not on your local computer. Batch uploads, corrupted batches and lost transactions are no longer worries with XCharge.
  • XCharge provides meaningful management reports, including transaction detail, transaction totals, payment totals, and payment totals by day (our easy-audit report). The easy-audit report allows you to effortlessly reconcile your monthly merchant statement, as it matches the statement format. All reports are available by user-defined date ranges.
  • Uninterrupted processing is possible with the connection methods available in XCharge. Using "IP Gateway with Modem Backup," XCharge automatically switches to a dial-up connection if the internet goes down. Once internet connectivity is re-established, XCharge just as seamlessly switches back to a high-speed connection. Down time is virtually eliminated or significantly reduced.

One-Source Solution
XCharge is a one-stop solution for technical support and merchant services. Real-time support for both technical and merchant services issues offer you convenience and confidence that your issues will be addressed in a timely manner. Backed by state-of-the-art technology, XCharge technicians and customer service representatives are well-equipped to offer world-class support.

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