XCharge® Payment Processing

Experts in secure integrated payment processing!

Let XCharge Payment Processing help you integrate your credit, debit, check and gift card transactions with your computer software or ecommerce application.

We have over 26 years of experience and support over 35,000 merchants. All of our processing solutions meet and exceed PCI DSS industry security regulations.

Merchant Solutions

We offer merchants low rates on credit card processing integrated with their point of sale, ecommerce and mobile systems; supported by our own world class support.

Software Developer Solutions

We partner with software developers enabling them to offer XCharge transaction processing services to their customers.

Understanding Card Data Security & PCI Compliance

XCharge is now OpenEdge, the integrated technologies division of Global Payments. We're driving payments innovation - adapting, scaling, and simplifying how payments are processed


XCharge Users
to learn more about our Offline Processing feature that keeps you processing when your connectivity goes down.
Certain restrictions may apply. Offline Processing is available exclusively on the XWeb gateway.


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