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XCharge® Payment Processing

Features & Benefits

Online Reporting
XCharge offers a secure, data retrieval and management tool that provides online access to transaction, payment, and reporting information for customers. Using an Internet browser, customers can quickly obtain critical business information with "point and click" ease via a secure server. Our merchant account reporting offers customers immediate, convenient and secure access to their current and historical payment information. Depending on the user's current service selections, three comprehensive modules are accessible online through the portal:

  • Transaction Information
  • Merchant Accounting
  • Report Images

Merchants have 24-hour access to research and reconcile transaction and settlement information; confirm ACH transfers; obtain statement information; and track chargebacks and media retrievals to prevent revenue loss from overlooked requests. Merchants will also have the ability to export and print data and to obtain downgrade reason descriptions.

Merchant Reporting Features and Benefits

  • Offers 24x7 convenience to obtain critical and timely payment and reporting information via state-of- the-art, secure server
  • Offers Web site security along with ID and password protection
  • Uses a powerful search engine to locate a specific transaction or st of transactions
  • Performs transaction searches by card number, partial card number, authorization code, dollar amount, terminal number and many other data elements
  • Presents media retrieval information to prevent revenue loss from subsequent chargebacks
  • Enhances merchant support with next-day, online transaction data
  • Offers flexibility in reviewing data
  • Streamlines operations by eliminating time-consuming manual lookup efforts
  • Minimizes training requirements with intuitive system navigation and search features
  • Gives "point and click" ease to helpful documentation
  • Offers online feedback
  • Eliminates any requirements for periodic application software updates
  • Provides professional support services including complete online documentation
  • Gives access to multiple users per location

EasyQuery for historical transaction retrieval. Helps merchants easily recall historical receipts and digital signatures

XCharge payment processing also supports standard credit card terminals for credit card, debit card, and gift card processing. These can be used standalone or existing terminals can be re-programmed for backup purposes. Terminals are a good solution when a computer or internet connection is not available. Our customer service representatives can program your existing terminals to work with the XCharge service or provide new terminals. In the event of a failure, we can also replace these units quickly.

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