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Mandatory XCharge Software Update Available Now!

To help ensure that your credit and debit card processing meets the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) and card association requirements, please install this mandatory upgrade today (click here).

PLEASE NOTE -- XCharge v7.1 Release 7 is now available! If you recently installed Release 5, you have already complied with the mandatory upgrade requirements. However, Release 6 & 7 contains additional features and benefits such as support for XCheck (comprehensive check management services), EBT transactions, three new advanced VeriFone® signature capture devices, support for encrypted card reader and manual entry devices, and support for MasterCard’s Partial Approval mandate for Debit transactions. For more information, please view the Release 7 release notes online here.

Release 3 greatly reduces the burden of PCI Compliance for merchants by removing all local cardholder data storage. Cardholder data is securely stored at Accelerated’s XWeb gateway, an audited Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. Merchants still have access to the masked credit card number and the historical data. The secure storage of sensitive data at our gateway allows merchants to submit a streamlined self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ C). This reduces the effort required for a merchant to achieve PCI compliance.

This release includes industry leading end-to-end encryption technology, which provides a level of security above and beyond PCI requirements. All cardholder data is protected the moment the transaction occurs, during communication, and while stored at our XWeb gateway. The end-to-end encryption prevents malicious programs from stealing data at any point in the transmission process.

Additional Features and Functionality
- Tokenization: XCharge’s tokenization, first introduced in v6.0, is further improved with the elimination of local cardholder data storage. All sensitive cardholder data is safely stored at our XWeb gateway.
- Enhanced software update functionality: Release 3 allows Accelerated to automatically deliver critical software updates to merchants as industry requirements evolve.
- New hardware support: Verifone MX850 signature capture device and the VeriFone Vx810 PINPad for Canadian processing.
- Touch screen support: A Virtual Keyboard is available to better support touch screen technology.
- Enhanced backup and restore options within the XCharge software.

For more information, click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have questions, call our Upgrade Hotline at (888) 414-8009.
Hotline hours are Monday through Friday 5:00AM-5:00PM (Pacific Time).

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